Ashraf being Ashraf is like another seven billion
thoughts lead him one in that many perspectives
so few impose their view to take control
and of the evolution of man and birth of gods

Ashraf voicing Ashraf wresting himself back
takes nothing from you only lives
this has threatened someone on patrol
the whip hand evolves but from us approval nods.


Dear Ashraf

Positive thoughts go out to you from Arterial Network. We feel aggrieved that you should be the recipient of such an unfair sentence, that you should be recipient of any sentence at all. Arterial Network works to network and strengthen the capacity and voice of artists and arts organisations in Africa. Africa too has enormous challenges but we are absolutely appalled at the inhumane penalty Saudi Arabian courts have imposed on you. We all have the right to freedom of speech. Even in the most insular and insecure of nation states this right is recognised. We trust that justice will prevail and that you will be free to continue your excellent work in the field of arts and culture.

Wishing you peace, strength and spiritual fortitude at this time.

best regards, Peter Rorvik